How to balance your Root Chakra

How to balance your Root Chakra with our Grounding Chakra Aura Spray

Balance your Root Chakra.

The 7 Chakras are like powerful wheels of energy located within our body that affect our health and overall well-being.

Balance Your Root Chakra

If you are familiar with the Chakra system you will know each one connects to a specific part of the body and is responsible for our mental and emotional strength.  Have one chakra out of whack and everything starts to come undone.  Your emotions may be all over the shop, you may experience achiness or stiffness in areas of the body and this imbalance provides an opportunity for illness to creep in.

Our 1st Chakra, known as the base chakra or root chakra, forms our foundation.  It is the centre where we ground ourselves, it creates a feeling of safety and security and represents stability in our lives, body and emotions.  It sits at the base of your spine, right at your tailbone and is characterised by the colour red.

Signs your Root chakra is out of whack
Unfortunately, we sometimes loose our footing and our connection with the earth as we get caught up in the demands of our day-to-day lives.  When the root chakra becomes imbalanced, inevitably the rest of the six chakras follow suit.  We may experience a feeling of lethargy, we may also be charged with anxiety and have an urge to slow down and catch our breath.

Balance your Root ChakraWhen our root chakra is balanced, our energy is lifted, we have a sense of security and a healthy body awareness. We will feel connected and grounded to the earth and our physical world below our feet.

On a physical level you may experience problems in the legs, feet, rectum, lower spine, immune system and prostrate gland.  Eating disorders, constipation, degenerative arthritis and sciatic are issues you may face when your chakra 1 is imbalanced.

On an emotional level an imbalanced chakra 1 will affect feelings about our basic survival such as food, shelter, money.  This loss of security strongly impacts on our mental health as well as our prosperity.

The power of Grounding Chakra Aura Spray

Local Byron Bay healer, Carol, has created a collection of sprays channelling each of the 7 chakras through the use of pure botanical ingredients.  These divine natural essences work to leave one feeling well-balanced while healing and strengthening your auric field and the individual chakra.

How to balance your Root Chakra. To heal any imbalances in your chakra system you need to begin at your foundation.  Breathe in the beautiful scent of the Grounding Chakra Aura Spray and you will begin to feel more centred, positive and uplifted as you reconnect your footing with the earth.

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Balance your Root Chakra with our Grounding Chakra Aura Spray

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Article written by Sarah Appleford.