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Changing your health and rejuvenating your life could be as simple as a smooth spritz. Magnesium is one of the body’s most important and, by far, beneficial minerals – playing a major role in everything from sleep to calming nerves and restoring your body’s natural utopia.

How important is magnesium?

If magnesium is such a vital mineral – you may be asking – how can everyone be deficient in it? It’s an unfortunate fact that a growing deficiency of the mineral is becoming widespread. And, even more unfortunate to know that many of our lifestyle factors influence this.

In our western societies, our day to day world absolutely drains our body of magnesium – gone are the days of natural magnesium absorption through unrefined, natural, organic foods, when the soils were rich with the substance. Intensive agriculture and settlement has left its unfortunate mark, with much soil being barren of the mineral, resulting in rampant magnesium deficiencies.
But, the earth’s soil is not the only source of the precious mineral. The ocean is still a beautiful source of magnesium and trace minerals – but if you’re not a beach bunny it can be hard to get your fix and maintain your bodily balance.

What you need to know about Magnesium Oil Spray and how it can help?

Running and sport ankle sprain injury

First, Magnesium oil is magnesium chloride. It is one of the most powerful medicine in the world.
According to Doctor Dr. Mark Sircus “Transdermal medicine can deliver medications to the exact site of pain or injury. It is ideal for pain management as well as pedriatic medicine and sports. It is one of the best ways to administer medicines quickly and effectively. Transdermal medicine is very popular because it allows the absorption of medicine directly through the skin. As an example, sprays are easy to use and are effective in getting medicine into the bloodstream quickly.”
Since you already know how continually essential magnesium is in the body’s day to day functioning, you may be wondering by what means you could benefit from utilizing magnesium oil. Below are just a few of the ways our transdermal magnesium oil treatment can help, by decreasing the magnesium deficiency in your body:

  • Aids in general wellbeing and as a suitable supplement for regular people
  • Magnesium chloride has anti-microbial and stimulating properties
  • Lessens (and, in the end, stops) muscle cramping, including ongoing menstrual issues
  • Enhances rest, in light of the fact that magnesium is a “quieting” and “relieving” mineral
  • Extremely supportive in diminishing manifestations of PMS – including bloating, emotional episodes and breast delicacy
  • Generally supportive for migraines and even headaches – numerous people have reported significant change in headaches when they utilize magnesium oil consistently
  • Strengthening the bones, magnesium helps the absorption of calcium needed for bone formation.
  • A key piece of any hormone-adjusting convention, due to the fact that magnesium helps adjust alternate minerals and hormones in the body
  • Acts as a completely natural anti-anxiety agent in the body, as it regularly advances a feeling of peace and wellbeing. It is exceptionally useful in gloom, tension and stress.

A Spritz of Health

How to use our Natural Magnesium Oil Spray?


Our Natural Magnesium Oil Spray contains Himalayan Crystal Salt to hydrate the skin with 84 vital minerals and trace elements. Simply spray a generous amount directly onto your skin and rub in. Massage into aching joints or muscles as needed. It will rapidly absorb into your skin and may cause a tingling sensation on the first usage, this will pass as mineral levels increase when used regularly. Dilute the Magnesium oil with water if need be. You can also add to your bath or a foot soak.

It’s no secret that magnesium is easily one of the most powerful medicines in the world – every single cell coursing through your body needs magnesium. It’s also an extremely versatile medicine and can be used intravenously, nebulized, taken orally or applied directly on the skin. Our magnesium oil spray is a non-invasive, topical solution – letting the beauty of your body’s natural process shine through, as the body will just take what it needs through the skin.

Magnesium Oil Spray: a must have in your medicine cabinet

The New Age Shop Magnesium Oil Spray

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The above article provides information that should not replace medical advice. We invite you to consult your healthcare provider (registered doctor/physician, dietitian, pharmacist, …) about your concern or interest in magnesium supplements and what can be best for your health.